Champion Motors Audi Dealership

Coral Springs

Desiring a facility that offered a striking showroom with expansive use of glass, the owner wanted to create an attractive high-end auto dealership. (The name of the dealership has been changed to Audi Coral Springs.)

Why was Tilt-Up selected for the project?
The Tilt-Up spine of the showroom allows the facility to meet the wind loads, while providing the architectural look the owners desired. The facility marries Tilt-Up and precast double-tees to create an extremely durable structure. This design would not have been possible without Tilt-Up because the use of the method as the spine of the building enabled the structure to meet stringent Florida building codes.

Interior Tilt-Up panels separate the service area and the garden showroom, and a cantilevered mezzanine walkway interacts with the Tilt-Up panels. The garden showroom boasts extensive vegetation and plant life to create a unique atmosphere that is possible through the expansive use of glass. The white color scheme with gray accents complements the corporate image that Audi has set forth for its dealerships.

Giant spandrel panels are located between the showroom and the roof to create visual appeal and the exposed barrel truss roof system adds another architectural element. A textured coating and intricately colored concrete on the floor area further add to the appeal of the dealership.

The largest Audi dealership in the world, Champion Audi adds a high-end, 50,311 sq. ft., dealership to the area.

2006 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award – Retail Division