City of Lauderhill Municipal Complex

The four-story municipal office building was the first LEED Silver City Hall in all of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties.

This project consists of three wings of the municipal building. The center section of the building is four stories, using full height Tilt-Up wall panels, including the interior elevator and stair shafts. The west section is three-story full height Tilt-Up, and the east section has two-story Tilt-Up wall panels, which include curved panels for the City Commission Chambers.

The original structural design called for many cast-in-place vertical elements on the exterior because of the large loads imposed by the elevated decks being used for archives and filing. The cast-in-place elements were incorporated into the Tilt-Up wall panel design, and combined large beams that were sufficient to carry the extra loads. Both entrance alcoves are framed with large open space Tilt-Up where the wall panels were stacked offset to give the entrance depth.

Because of the square footage of the Tilt-Up panels and the fact that no slab on grade was available for casting, all the panels needed to be cast on temporary outside casting slabs and walked to their location. However, only half of the panels would fit on the available area at the site.

Why was Tilt-Up selected for the project?
In order to accommodate a very short schedule of construction, two sequences of panel casting and erection were planned. The first sequence consisted of the entire four-story section of the building, including the load bearing elevator and stair shafts, which enabled the structural steel framing to commence while the second sequence of Tilt-Up panel fabrication proceeded on site.

2011 TCA Tilt-Up EXCELLENCE in Achievement Award – Municipal Division