Woodland-Tilt-Up-Coral-Baptist-Church Expansion

Coral Baptist Church  Expansion

Coral Springs

The 70,000-square-foot expansion of the Coral Baptist Church (also known as the “Church By The Glades”)  features a 2,000-seat sanctuary with stadium style seating, early childhood learning rooms, a chapel and church administration offices. The church places a major focus on audio visual equipment, as well as lighting and camera coordination, and produces their message in a theatrical production setting.

Why was Tilt-Up selected for the project?
With the goal of having the new facility ready for Easter services, the Tilt-Up method afforded the project with the necessary speed of construction. Further, Tilt-Up provided the architectural flexibility to accommodate the diverse features of the structure.

This project exhibits extensive classical architectural features such as frequent use of different size and depth reveals and recesses coupled with areas of raised EIFS applications that create dimensional depth and detail to the structure. The upper elevations of the sanctuary exhibit recessed sections that create faux arched windows to bring the classical religious look of the facility. Constructed with Tilt-Up at the top of the frontage to the sanctuary is a raised section that represents a bell tower and projects 84 feet plus in elevation, which accentuates the raised cross in the center of the new frontage.

The Tilt-Up portions of the project include several radiused panels that step in and out to create the lobby area that followed the contour of the main sanctuary. Tilt-Up was also used to create the stair-stepped bearing elements for the support of the stadium style seating in the sanctuary, while creating corridors from the main lobby and hallways into the theatre.

Full height load bearing Tilt-Up panels enclosed the full sanctuary area while utilizing large spandrel panel sections spanning over the soundstage, one of which is 65 feet, 2 inches wide weighing in excess of 150,000 pounds. All of the Tilt-Up panels support the roof structure of clear span truss girders at elevations of 52-plus feet. In addition, spandrel panel sections were used to accommodate the many roof elevation transitions that help create architectural separation of the building’s support structures from the main sanctuary.

One of the main challenges is that construction occurred while the church was still in operation and the construction team had to be sensitive to the church’s daily ongoing operations. This required that the work be contained within restricted areas, limiting casting space for panels and creating several erecting sequences. Any available space surrounding the building was filled with casting surface, which greatly inhibited staging of other trades and materials, requiring extensive daily coordination of deliveries and trade work.

2011 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award – Spiritual Division