FAU Innovation Village Complex

Boca Raton, Florida

Florida Atlantic University’s $121 million project on the Boca Raton campus created an exciting environment. Phase I of the project included an alumni center and student recreation/fitness center. Phase II created a student residential complex with two apartment buildings to house 1,216 students.

Why was Tilt-Up selected for the project?
The Tilt-Up option provided the owner with a crisp and clean product that afforded the design team architectural flexibility, as well as speed. The architect and engineer were able to modernize the design by introducing varying panel thicknesses which helped create dimensional depth and style to the building’s elevations.

The panels with the large window openings, which are the exterior walls of the apartment’s living rooms, are 16 inches thick, and the panels adjacent are 8 inches thick, with the variance providing the stepped effect on the exterior. The additional thickness of the living room panels allowed for one piece full height panels. The 8-inch panels went up in two sections, with the horizontal joint occurring just above the fifth floor.

The project’s foundations started in late April, and all panels for both buildings were erected complete by the first week of October.

2011 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award – Housing Division