FAU Student Activity Center


The 31,734-square-oot Florida Atlantic University Student Activity Center in Davie, Florida was created to serve as a gathering place for student activities and the student government at the satellite campus of the University.

Why was Tilt-Up selected for the project?
Since the project was completed while school was in session, there were many safety and scheduling challenges, and Tilt-Up offered quick turnaround. The site was located on an existing parking area for students, and the tight site required the use of casting beds. Woodland Construction carefully planned the project to ensure that erection of the Tilt-Up panels occurred during spring break to minimize any safety concerns for the students.

Design Features
It was important to FAU that the structure showcase a modern, professional look that not only represents the University’s image, but also stands the test of time. This architectural look was achieved with an inviting grand entry area that was constructed with stand-off tilt-up panels braced to the first floor slab. Installation of the Greenstreak fluted formliners interacted with the reveals and champers at and around the window and door openings, creating a clean and professional look. A cast-in-place curved wall balcony and roof deck is accented with a cast-in-place column going through the balcony deck to the underside of the roof deck. The balcony and roof deck were attached to two stand-off Tilt-Up panels requiring precise layout. There are also four exterior columns constructed using Tilt-Up, as well as the use of brick façade at the entry area. Paint also is used at the formliner locations, which ties in with the brick color along with the indented area. The fluted formliner is painted white to accent these areas.

The durability and energy-efficiency associated with a tilt-up building will provide long-term benefits to the owner.

The combination of Tilt-Up and cast-in-place elements offers architectural variety and interest. The structure combines the use of a variety of architectural elements including fluted formliners, paint and brick façade.