WPLG TV Broadcasting Facility

Pembroke Park, Florida

WPLG TV is a state-of-the-art digital broadcasting facility in Pembroke Park. This was the first station in the Southeast U.S. with high-definition digital technology in both the studio and the field.

Why was Tilt-Up selected for the project?
The concept of the new building reflects a very linear element with strong vertical intersecting planes. Tilt-Up was selected for this project because of the complex design vision of the architect. By using Tilt-Up, the team was able to meet the design requirements within the budget and use the specified materials. In addition, Tilt-Up provided the durability the owner required, especially given the area’s propensity for windstorms and hurricanes. As a news station, it is critical that the facility can remain operational during those events. Tilt-Up also enabled the schedule and cost constraints to be met.

The design incorporated two large radius sections of the building. One radius section was composed entirely of Tilt-Up wall panels, and the other section incorporated a large glass and steel façade with spandrel Tilt-Up wall panels at the top of the building forming the curtain-wall header and parapet at the radius. The satellite tower is at a finish elevation of 99 feet, 6 inches and was constructed by stacking three different panels vertically atop and across each other. A super flat floor was required for the broadcast facility.

During construction, because of site constraints and lack of access to three sides of the building, 80 percent of the Tilt-Up panels needed to be constructed outside the building limits and required three erection sequences, not including the satellite tower, to complete the 122 Tilt-Up panels on the otherwise fairly small building footprint. Additionally, there were a large amount of recessed floor areas that were needed to accommodate numerous computer lines beneath the finished floor. To complete construction of these sequences on schedule, panel construction started immediately while the buildings foundations and underground MEP installations were worked on.

The most challenging erection sequence was the last, the satellite tower. The area available for the crane left no room to spare, and barely allowed for the size crane needed for the capacity to handle the weight and reach of these tower panels, while allowing enough access to set and weld the pieces. The tower erection also required extensive coordination between the ornamental steel and the Tilt-Up, as they were interconnected beneath the cantilevered sections of the upper tower.

The owner received a visually appealing facility that is extremely durable. Tilt-Up allowed for a faster construction schedule and enabled the project to be completed on budget.

Winner of a number of awards (including one for Craftsmanship in Tilt-Up panel fabrication and one for crane operations), the marriage of architectural vision and durability provided the owner with a unique facility and added visual appeal.

2010 TCA Tilt-Up EXCELLENCE in Achievement Award – Office Division

Woodland Tilt-Up & WPLG-TV get it up in 3 minutes!